Which Yonko Is Law after

Its lunar powers allow it to withstand any type of injury without sustaining damage or swapping its durability to increase its speed. It can also create and control fire to carry out destructive attacks. King earned the nickname “Wildfire” thanks to his flames, which resemble magma. In the One Piece world, it is much stronger than normal fire. Like any Logia user, Enel cannot be hurt by most physical attacks, but this intangibility does not matter, as many New World pirates can use the haki armor. Enel can move at lightning speed, which means it can move between two places almost instantly. It can also generate lightning-based attacks with a power of 200 million volts, and if it increases its power, it can destroy an entire island. Plus, Buggy is a friend of Shanks, which gives his name an extra boost. Buggie`s delivery has a huge network in One Piece, and while it would be funny if he became a Yonko, it certainly won`t be surprising and there are plenty of theories to support his rise to Yonko. The two young captains still have a lot to offer, and they will undoubtedly play a key role in the final saga, but there is very little chance that they will end up being part of the Yonko.

If they break up, it is possible that one of them will pursue Buggy and claim the job from him, but with the formation of the Guild of the Cross, it seems difficult to bring him down. Trafalgar Law`s Haki skills are not to be mocked either. Like Blackbeard, Law masters the two main forms of Haki. His Haki weapon was strong enough to overwhelm and cut through Doflamino`s subordinate, Vergo, who was considered a master of Haki`s weaponry, as well as an entire installation and mountain on Punk Hazard. He also used it to defeat Smoker and was able to defend himself against one of Doflamingo`s most powerful attacks, which could cut a meteor in half without taking any damage. Although not so much to see, his observation haki is so developed that he could feel Ruffy`s defeat by Kaido on Onigashima, as well as the awakening of his devil fruit soon after. He was also able to reverse Doc Q`s gender exchange virus by practicing his Haki and proving that he is definitely powerful. Jozu is a strong fighter, but he can`t hope to win a fight against Law after his recent improvements. Thanks to the powers of the Ope-Ope fruit, the supernova can deploy attacks that ignore the enemy`s lifespan. Therefore, even a diamond body would be useless.

The fight would most likely end with Law using his amputat to cut Jozu in half, just as he did against Vergo. Shanks is a powerful swordsman and Haki master who can even use the rare conqueror Haki. Even after losing an arm, his strength remains exceptional, enough to strike Whitebeard in a collision and block a blow from Admiral Akainu. He is so strong that his presence is enough to intimidate Admiral Ryokugyu. Eustass Kid has the potential to become one of the strongest characters in the series. He possesses the Jiki Jiki no Mi, a powerful devil`s fruit that allows him to control magnetic forces. He can attract and repel metal objects, which can cause serious damage to his opponents. Kid can also form structures when there are enough metal objects and use them to fight others. Kid didn`t have much screen time before the Wano Country arc, so it was hard to know where he stood in terms of Force. Some of his well-known exploits before Wano included the injury of a Sweet Commander and the attempt to fight Shanks, the latter ending horribly for him when he lost his left arm.

In the Wano Country arc, Kid couldn`t do anything special on the roof. Law can manage to get a victory against Yamato, but it would only be after an extremely difficult fight. To be honest, a fight between them could go one way or the other. Kaido is one of the few humans who can use the advanced conqueror Haki, an all-powerful game-changing ability. It can transform into a giant dragon or a dragon and a human hybrid. The Yonko proved to be one of the strongest characters in One Piece, single-handedly dominating characters like Yamato, Zoro, and Luffy. He lost only after the straw hat got the Nika Nika fruit awakening. Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law come from the worst generation. They are the captains of their respective crews and played an important role in the Alliance`s victory over the two Yonkos. Trafalgar Law has been sailing with the Straw Hats since the punk Hazard Arc. He formed an alliance with Luffy in order to defeat Doflamingo and then Kaido. Law owns the Ope Ope no Mi, which is one of the most submerged devil`s fruits in the series, and gives him plenty of options during combat.

Law was very impressive in his fights against Vergo and Smoker, but he couldn`t do much against Doflamingo. In the Wano Country arc, Law managed to defeat Hawkins, and he also saved the Scabbards from being killed by Kaido. Starting with Blackbeard, the sneaky pirate is quite massive with an imposing tall figure. With his bulky physique, he is essentially a “tank” that can pick up blows and distribute them even better. From the battles in which he participated, Blackbeard seems rather slow but remains a capable brawler, probably due to his size. While carrying multiple weapons like his three pistols, he has been content to use his bare fists in almost any situation, meaning he is the best in hand-to-hand combat, which is complemented by his two devil`s fruit powers. It should be noted that he managed to heal Shanks in direct combat, which shows that he actually has combat skills. I say it`s either Big Mam or Kaido. If it had been Shanks or Blackbeard, Luffy would have had a stronger reaction than “Oh, okay” when Law told him who he was looking for. So only the other 2 remain. But Luffy also has no idea who Kaido is, or anything else about him for real, so I don`t think Luffy would agree to beat someone he doesn`t know.

But I`ve said it in other threads, but it makes sense to find something to defeat Kaido, who could be a cyborg (or at least has up to 18 cyborg subordinates) on the island of Vegapunk`s former lab. As for Big Mam, yes, it seems too obvious, but there are plenty of reasons why it seems obvious. Just because it`s obvious doesn`t mean it`s wrong. I`d say Mam is the most likely choice, but I wouldn`t be surprised if it was Kaido. JustSomeDude. 16:24, 24. May 2012 (UTC) Who of the Yonko told Law Luffy to get Luffy accepted into the alliance? When he was younger, Moria competed against Kaido. At the time, the two were roughly equal in terms of strength. Moria is still strong enough, but not strong enough to take on a Yonko or his commanders, which is why the world government stripped him of the title of warlord.

Monkey D. Luffy is the founder and captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. His goal is to find the One Piece and become the king of pirates. He faced all sorts of challenges throughout the One Piece series. After defeating Kaido in a fierce battle, he attained the status of emperor. However, he received the same bounty as Law and Kid, which doesn`t make much sense. What everyone said is true. But I also think there`s some truth to what he told Luffy; If you want to survive in the new world, you either serve a Yonko or go against her. Since Law is not one to serve, a fight is inevitable. Correct me if I`m wrong, but I think Law was interrupted before he said which Yonko it was, and then accepted Ruffy without knowing which one, so it could be Shanks. Persian13 16:02, 24 May 2012 (UTC) Shanks is a friend of Ruffy.

Another hypothesis here would be that Shanks will retire, and all his pirate friends will join Luffy as an ally, which is why you can tell that the reason could be because the straw hat that Luffy has is actually Gol D Roger`s hat that he gave to the trees. And Shanks actually asked to get the hat back if Luffy became a first-class pirate. And I can`t see all these old allies of Whitebeard, if Luffy gets to the top, I believe Marco and Vista will help Luffy, Ace is his brother and that would be the only right thing to do. X-Drake is an incredibly strong character and one of Kaido`s six strongest headliners. He possesses the powers of an ancient Zoan Ryu Ryu no Mi, model: Allosaurus, which allows him to transform into a carnivorous dinosaur. Law and Blackbeard are among the most powerful pirates in the New World, which makes this match very exciting. Blackbeard is currently a Yonko who managed to take control of most of Whitebeard`s territory after killing him and the rest of his crew in a weakened state a year later. On the other hand, Law managed to defeat a Yonko when they were at full power, albeit with the help of Eustass Kid.

The winner of this fight is far from certain, but by analyzing their respective powers of devil`s fruit and the mastery of the Haki, it is possible to determine the likely winner of their fight. “Hello, I guess a result that would make a lot of sense” Blackbeard`s darkness has gravitational properties; He is able to draw everything to himself and swallow it in an infinite void. What is swallowed can then be drawn with enormous force from its darkness. However, arguably the greatest power of this fruit is its ability to override the powers of any devil fruit eater it touches. The shock alone is enough to completely unbalance Blackbeard`s opponent, which is a big part of why he was able to beat Portgas D. Ace. It is recommended to discard socks after a year 18:22, 10. June 2014 (UTC) His other devil-fruit powers come from the Gura Gura no Mi, which allows him to generate shockwaves and massive earthquakes. The previous eater of the fruit, Whitebeard, proved how dangerous and overwhelming this power was when he used it to destroy Marineford, defeat Akainu to submission, and literally drag him across the sea when he was sick and about to die.

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